Bon Ami

Cleaning tools of the trade.

Check out our entry on baking soda or the article on laundry bar soap we shared! Bar Fight – Fels Naptha vs Zote Laundry Bar Soap.

There are a few basics the work well for for cleaning a variety of things. Keep these on hand, and you can get a lot done for a reasonable price. A price you might even call, “dirt cheap.” (Go ahead, you can roll your eyes. I did when I typed it.)

Some of our favorite cleaning tools come in liquid, bar, and powdered form. Check out the following:

Baking Soda
Borax (a great cleaning tool in powdered form)
Ammonia (smells kind of stinky, but a dandy liquid tool for cleaning)
Bleach (not exactly non-toxic, but effective for a few specific tasks)
Bon Ami (like a zillion micro scrub brushes – a real workhorse!)
Castile or Bar Soaps (obvious reasons, but also a pretty good stain remover)

Hardware (aka Non-powdered or liquid tools):
Scrub brush
Sponge with scrubber
Wash rag

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