Powder Cleanser on Stainless Sink

It’s important to know the type of stain or dirt in order to best clean it up. I think my family has just about all stains and dirt – greasy spots, dried-on food, grass, rust, clumps of hair, pet stains, and good ol’ dirt. Hopefully, not all at the same time and place, but we do have our moments.

Greasy or oil-based stains need something to cut through the grease like soap or a solvent-based cleaner, while organic stains like grass, wine, or blood respond really well to oxygen bleach. Physical cleansers like Bon Ami can be great at cleaning particle grime like dried-on food from dishes, pans, or your sink.

Some stains are multiple types, so you’ll want multi-tasking cleansers. This can be as simple as mixing a little dish soap with Bon Ami or baking soda.

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